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8 Minute Memoirs - Day Eighteen

Day 18 - "Drive Bys"

Okay, I'll get the most embarrassing type of drive by out in the open first.  Yes, I have driven by a boy's house that I liked merely for the joy of glancing at his place of residence.  And to see if his car was there.  And then to text him.  But only once.  And nowadays the place that he grew up still kind of haunts me because he haunts me.  So I don't drive by there.  And if I do, I look at the other side of the street.

The majority of my "drive bys" are sentimental looks at places that were once "mine."  If I'm ever on the south west outskirts of my home town, I can't help but take a creepily slow drive by the houses that used to belong to my neighbours.  As for the house that I grew up in, I don't think I can honestly call it a drive by because the speed resembles that of a crawling baby.  But for good reason!  The new owners have changed the place SO MUCH!  Instead of a simple pasture and yard surrounding a plain house, there is now the "nice" yard and a "play" yard, complete with a giant jungle gym.  Heck, they even planted some pretty big trees in this "play" yard which was once a section of the pasture.  As for the pasture, I don't think you can call it that anymore.  They've broken it up into so many smaller sections and corals that I pity the livestock they keep trapped in there.  They've built a bigger porch, a larger shed, and even erected one of those big spotlights most farms have to light up the yard.  It really isn't the place I grew up in anymore, but one can't help but drive slowly by and wonder if the bedroom I grew up in still has the painted black and white checkered floor.

8 Minute Memoir - Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen - "A Sibling"

I only have two siblings.  So it seems kind of mean to just pick one of them to write about.  But the funny thing is, when I think about my relationships with my sisters, the best memories I have with them are one-on-one situations.  My husband would blame this on the fact that we are an uneven number, and I might have to agree.  You see, when the three of us are together, nine times out of ten some kind of fight is going to happen.  I assure you we love each other very much, but there's just something about the three of us together that equates with someone getting offended and some kind of fight erupting.  It's been that way since we were little.  Two of us would be playing quite nicely, then the odd man out would want in on the fun and BAM - we're fighting.  It's like some kind of chemical reaction, where one and two combine nicely, so do one and three and two and three, but as soon as you mix one, two, and three together, the reaction combusts.  That's not to say that it's always going to be like this.  We're starting to calm down a little, so in the future I see us being able to get a long just fine.  Heck, the other night the three of us were FaceTiming together and we had a hoot.

Some of the memories I have with my sisters, individually include:

Kassidy: picking the rhubarb from my parents garden with her in Westlock and wearing the big leafs as hats; picking little curly pumpkin or cucumber vines from the garden and putting them down her pants (for some reason I thought this was hilarious); getting in a fight with Kassidy on Boxing Day and using the plastic shape holder my brand new watch came in as a weapon - I broke it on her head, I still feel bad about that to this day (sorry Kass); getting to tag along to her clogging competitions and being amazed at her coordination - whenever I tried to clog she'd laugh her head off at me; playing post office, writing and delivering letters to each other ...

Hannah: laying her on a blanket as a baby and dragging the blanket around the house; playing house with her as a baby and putting her into my new doll high chair - she got stuck and my parents had to play a game of tug-o-war to get her out (Dad holding the legs of the high chair, Mom pulling on a screaming Hannah); pinning Hannah down and spit torturing her, or squishing her face into crazy looks; watching her play with her "pet" ants - at the acreage I grew up at, there was a huge ant hill at the end of the driveway - Hannah wasn't old enough to have a pet, but was jealous that Kassidy and I each had one, so she claimed the ants as her pets and would go sit in the pile and let them crawl all over her - when she was done she'd come home, still with ants all over her ...

8 Minute Memoir - Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen - "Learning New Things"


For the most part, I like to think that I like to learn.  I like creating little projects for myself where I can learn a new skill, or simply gain the experience of trying something new.  My most recent learning experience was the process of creating a simple design to be screen printed onto a t-shirt and then having it printed on a relatively large quantity of t-shirts.  I learned that people like cheap t-shirts but not cheap quality t-shirts.  So there's this whole paradox of trying to find a quality t-shirt, getting it screen printed, and then selling it for an affordable price, yet still managing to make a little bit of a profit in order to not completely waste all of your time.  I enjoyed this learning experience.  But what I mostly learned about it is that I don't have the patience or energy to be very good at marketing.  Nope.  Not even a little bit.  Want to know why?  Because I feel safe saying that the majority of all marketing, especially for small businesses, takes place on social media.  And to put it lightly, I really don't like using my social media with the hidden (or maybe really open) agenda of trying to take your money.  I've had people come out of the wood work to see if I want them to coach me in some workout program and so on.  For the most part, I really admire their drive and determination, but at the same time, please just leave me alone.

So that kind of went off on a tangent.  I guess we can say that I don't like learning about marketing.  These days Jon is really the one out in the world learning new things.  He's aiming for med school.  Since getting married, I've been the one with the anatomy and medicine type background since I did a year of Respiratory Therapy.  I've been the one that knows lots in that department.  And to be completely honest, facing the reality that one day Jon will probably be the smart one in that department makes me a little jealous and defensive.  What am I going to have on him if he one ups me there?

8 Minute Memoir - Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen - "Camping"


The most memorable camping I've ever done was the first time I went out sans parents.  Just me and my friend Jessica went camping by ourselves in grade nine.  We were pretty hard core adventurers.  We loaded all of our necessities onto my quad and drove probably less than a mile from my house to a grove of trees that had been mutilated by cows, but were still trees nonetheless.  We found a nice patch of ground on the outskirts of the grove, tucked in some smaller, bushy looking trees.  This was the only patch to have only one cow pie per square foot of ground.  So went set up the pup tent and sat around doing nothing waiting for it to get dark so that we could begin "camping."  I can't remember if we ate a cold supper out there alone amongst the cow turds, but I'm sure we were wise enough to bring an ample amount of snacks.  As dark was drawing near, my dad came to check on us.  We were partying hard inside the tent listening to "In the Ghetto" by Elvis Presley.  I can't hear that song without thinking about this right of passage.  I had a good enough sleep, but I did get very cold. It was only April for heaven's sake.  What were we thinking?  I remember waking up at dawn and being exceedingly jealous that Jessica had slept with her winter coat on.  I tried to quietly slip into my jacket and create any sort of warmth for myself.  Getting comfortable and falling asleep again wasn't in my stars though, so I laid there waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  Isn't waiting for someone to wake up the worst?  I mean, I could have woken her up, but that would make me a crappy friend.  Finally she woke up and we broke camp, piled back on the quad and drove home.  So basically, this "camping" trip was really just a "sleeping in a tent that isn't set up in the backyard" trip.  But to me it was camping.  Of course Jessica and I bragged about it on Monday to all of our friends.  So a few weeks later, we did it again, but with a whole posse.  This time we hung our bras on the tree branches above the tent.  When we woke up in the morning they were gone.  But only because some sneaky friends hid them in the car.  Yes, we drove less than a mile from my house that time.  And now that I've written all of this out, I've realized there were no fires.  So, is it even really camping if you don't light a camp fire?